Invio, marketing automation custom built around your business, is the sheer power of ultra-personalized, highly relevant email communications deftly delivered to inboxes while tracking customer and lead interactions across your website, social media, email and ecommerce. We’ve honed it to boost the effectiveness of every bit of your marketing. We’ll install it and manage it or you can choose to manage it.

Build & launch email campaigns just for starters
Person-level tracking
Deliver hot leads to the sales team
Automate notifications or offers via email

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Abandoned cart emails and automations
75% of ecommerce shopping carts get abandoned. Abandoned cart reminders help you bring customers back to your site—automatically.

Win-back campaigns that keep customers
When customers haven’t bought from you in a while, you’re in danger of losing them forever. Automated win-back campaigns help you keep customers coming back for more.

Show your products in emails or automations
The product block lets you share your product details with the right people. Upload products from your ecommerce store directly into campaigns and automations – so you can show people what they’re most likely to buy.

Reward your best customers with discounts
Your best customers are the people most likely to buy from you again and again. Use repeat purchases, average order value, and total dollars spent to create a segment with special offers.

Send your buyers helpful tips
What if your customers don’t know how to use your product? Use an automated welcome series to educate customers on how to use their new items.

Post purchase follow up
Provide the next-level service after the sale with surveys, bounce back offers and referral bonuses.


Use workflows and drip campaigns to save time
Nurture your leads automatically. Send people through automated workflows based on their unique interests—then drive them to take action.

Personalize experiences across channels
Build relevant experiences right into the fabric of your website and landing pages. Use tags to segment people based on their activity and interests, and follow up in another channel—with even more relevant messaging.

Deliver offers and collect contact information
Capture contact information with high-converting, customizable forms and landing pages. Then, trigger automations that deliver lead magnets and automatically start a nurture sequence.

Reach people where they are
Your audience doesn’t just hang around their inbox. Reach them across channels with text message automation, personalized landing pages, and integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

Find your most engaged leads
Who’s most interested in what you have to say? Lead scoring and engagement tagging makes it easy to find your most qualified leads.

Automate transactional emails
Confirmations, follow up, surveys and more. Support your customers before, through and after the sale.


See the progress of each lead
Lead scoring lets you put a number to lead engagement. Update scores based on calls, email engagement, and site activity, so you always know which leads are ready to talk to your team.

Create new opportunities automatically
No more clicking around endlessly to create new deals. Have Invio create deals when leads take certain actions—like submitting a form, downloading a lead magnet, or requesting a demo.

Send automated outreach to convert people on the fence
Your salespeople focus on hot leads. But you don’t want to let other leads disappear. Use triggered outreach to nurture leads until they’re ready to get on a sales call.

Notify your team when leads take action
Tell your salespeople when their leads take action. If a lead browses specific pages or puts in a pricing request, send an automatic notification so that your salesperson can follow up directly.

Assign tasks based on lead behavior
Manage your sales team with task assignment. Assign tasks to each member of your sales team based on what happens to their leads. Make sure everyone is always on the same page.

Manage all of your contacts
Keep all of your contact information in a single platform. Check deal history from a mobile app, work out of your personal email account, and automatically update contact details as a deal moves forward.