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Meet Your New Best Friends

We are a decidedly boutique advertising agency and are proud of our undistracted focus on our select clients who put their well-placed trust in us to drive their hotel digital marketing initiatives.

We create mutually beneficial relationships by delivering exceptional work for fair prices while demonstrating loyalty. We provide a full range of digital marketing services that can be selected individually or packaged together. Let’s get started.

David Metze
David MetzeFounder, President
David Metze founded Incite Response in 2001 after seeing that many hotel operators needed a greater degree of attention when it came to their hotel marketing. His goal was to create a boutique digital marketing firm that understood the changing needs of independent, luxury and upscale properties. David’s twenty-five years of experience in hospitality and travel marketing allow him to be in-tune to the way hotels work, their challenges and goals. David has tremendous customer satisfaction and profiling expertise. David is based in Coral Gables, where he lives with Lori and their son.
Lori Metze
Lori MetzePrincipal and Vice President
Lori is an award-winning writer with an educational background in communications, advertising and English (grammar). Lori is an alumnus of the University of Colorado, Boulder. She brings a unique perspective of the hospitality industry with this diverse background. Lori is our creative director and heads the social media strategy and client services teams. She lives in Coral Gables with David and their son.
Rich Nahas
Rich NahasDirector Client Services
Rich is our talented Director of Client Services. Rich has a knack for exceptional client service, digital marketing production management, multi-media content management, trigger email campaign management and other technical skills. Rich enjoys researching and learning all of the latest tools and technologies surrounding digital marketing. Rich lives in California with his wife, Laurice.
Jenny Knudsen
Jenny KnudsenSocial Sciences Director
Jenny Knudsen is an expert in social media optimization. This ever-changing field requires consistent research and Jenny is devoted to the pursuit of cutting-edge knowledge capital that will work for you. Jenny also leads the response team who respond to guest reviews on the major peer review websites. She artfully handles some of the most challenging situations in reputation management. Jenny lives in Miami, Florida with her husband and three children.
Amy Lamson
Amy LamsonReputation Responder, Writer
Amy Lamson has always been passionate about writing and got her start in the writing field as a novelist and blogger. Amy’s degree is in elementary education. She fully enjoyed being an educator until her switch to marketing. She lives in the Denver area with her husband and four children.
Amy Jarrett
Amy JarrettGraphic Designer Programmer
Amy has over 15 years’ experience in design and programming. The combination of an educational background in both graphic design and advanced programming are ideal for creating complex designs for use in website builds and responsive email campaigns. Amy lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her daughter.
Lex Papesh
Lex PapeshMaster Graphic Designer
Lex has decades of experience in graphic design and specializes in print work and logos. His designs have been called “brilliant” by the top echelons of Marriott and other worldwide corporations. Lex’s designs are based on mathematical precision and a deep understanding of color.
Andy Scantland
Andy ScantlandPartner
Andy Scantland has been a long-time consulting partner with Incite Response providing clients with business and leadership growth strategies along with valuable marketing insight and guidance. Andy served as marketing lead for three organizations that doubled in size within five years. With his guidance they were able to build integrated B2B and B2C marketing and sales programs which drove both awareness and response. Andy has considerable expertise in both travel and educational industries. Andy resides in Denver Colorado with his wife .
Allison Ahrens
Allison AhrensPartner
Allison brings 25 years of diversified hospitality leadership experience from all major brands to independent hotels and total e-marketing, business intelligence, and reservations solutions providers, including: MICROS eCommerce Services/TIG Global, and TravelClick. Allison’s holistic Hospitality Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, and e-Commerce background provides a Vice President level skill set to hotels, management companies and ownership groups.