Next level marketing automation for business

Marketing automation serves to speed up repetitive tasks within email, social media and website channels. Since speed is often vital to closing deals, this benefit is quite compelling, but don’t be fooled by loose use of the term “automation.” Often the application of an automation system is narrowly thought of as simply setting up an auto reply, missing out on the real power that a full-stack system offers.

A true automation system has the ability to measure and react to more than email wherein real possibilities present themselves. For that reason, I’ll refer to robust systems as “full-stack” marketing automation to reflect their ability to engage and work across multiple communications channels such as email, social media and websites.

5 benefits to using full-stack marketing automation:

1. Nurture business leads: Marketing automation has always promised marketers the ability to target the right customers with the right messages at the right time. Never has it promised to do that affordably, across multiple channels with scalability. This is huge.
To effectively nurture a lead, you have to engage with your prospect across the myriad of channels that they use daily as well as across all of their devices. Invio connects all actions and all devices to one person.

Examples of actions:
• Complete a form, download a file or watch a video
• A pre-determined number of visits to one or more specific pages within your website
• An abandoned shopping cart
• An email open, click or inaction
• Likes, shares, or comments on your Facebook or LinkedIn post
• Mentions you in a Facebook or Twitter post or retweets your post
• Clicks on re-marketing ads or keyword search ads

Each of these actions indicate a higher degree of engagement than the all-too-common one-and-done site visit and are vastly superior to a simple form completion. Withi