5 Email Techniques That Get Results

Despite predictions, email marketing remains an excellent way to encourage guests to book your hotel over your competitors. The email communications that are most effective use these techniques:

  1. Device-friendly (responsive) programming. 54% of all emails (including personal and work-related) are opened on a mobile device according to Litmus. Our clients experience between 74% and 92%. Because of this, all the emails we program look great on a phone.
  2. Advanced design. An advanced design is the opposite of a legacy design. Basically, the emails that work consist of more than an image with loosely formatted text below, they have a modern-looking design. Our programmers are also expert graphic designers – this combination ensures beautiful, functional emails every time.
  3. Concise and clear direction. People are super busy. Our writers work with our programmers to be sure the call-to-action is obvious and the message is short and easily scanned.
  4. Literate copy. Our writers have English degrees to ensure your educated audience is not put off by common mistakes such as random capitalization and misuse of punctuation. You can trust us to uphold your image.
  5. Engaging features. Every email we design for you has built-in features that encourage interaction such as clicks, forwards, replies and conversions to boost the performance of each campaign and to increase your ROI.

Track Your Email Success

Incite Response provides you with real-time online access to your campaign statistics.  After each email campaign is launched, you are provided with a comprehensive set of reports including email open rates, clicks, bounces, and opt-outs. We can even create custom campaign reports for you.