Excited about a 35% hotel email open rate? 

Learn what happens with the other 65%.

A surprising number of marketers don’t recognize that e-mailbox providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others use engagement to filter or block your email messages, according to a recent survey by Demand Metric. This filtering has been going on for years. Many managers and executive level marketers managing email themselves are surprised at how many of their email messages get seen at all.

The story of what happened to all those unopened emails
Our imaginary resort guest, Anna Fofanna books a stay with your hotel and you collect her email address. Your systems send her a confirmation, which is a transactional email and is exempt from most rules, legalities and filters. She opens the email and her email provider detects that granting that sending email and domain a point for good reputation based on that interaction. If you did not send the confirmation using the same domain you use for marketing messages, you won’t get the reputation boost for your later marketing.

Fast forward six months, you’ve been emailing marketing offers to Anna every month. She has only opened one of those emails. Her email provider detects that lack of interaction and, in an effort, to make Anna’s digital life a little more bearable has rerouted your messages into a promotions tabbed inbox that she rarely looks at. Your reputation just took a hit. That process repeats itself across multiple recipients using that email provider and if things are bad enoug