Your email marketing and brand beats opt-in

Love of your email marketing and brand beats opt-in..

when you’re building your email reputation.

Be worthy, be interesting and above all, be awesome.

According to a Demand Metric study and our own studies, your opt-in strategy has less of an impact on engagement than you think. There has been an age-old debate over single versus double opt-in and the impact on one’s list and subscriber engagement. Marketers must do more than rely on one opt-in strategy over another to improve deliverability, engagement, and overall effectiveness.

List segmentation is a major driver of deliverability and reputation. The ability to segment lists and send different messages to different types of subscribers is a key indicator of capability, data quality, and compliance with best practices that improves inbox placement. Nearly every marketer I speak to says they segment their lists but only a small fraction implements a segmented delivery strategy.

One of the biggest problems with segmenting hotel guest messaging is that most hotel offers can and do appeal to most of the database.

It’s a fact that most hotel email marketing is repetitive and marketers fear distracting from the deal with other messages. Many high-end properties don’t even bother with a deal and just go with the brand message. This is where a savvy email marketer can easily dominate a market and the inbox.

David Metze

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