One of the most powerful benefits of a WordPress site is easy editing, ending the frustration surrounding limitations on copy or rearranging pictures. WordPress users agree that adding pages to the site and editing their main menu is much faster than having an account rep submit a form to programming to schedule the work over a couple of weeks.It shouldn’t cost a lot to get a little help.Incite Response is the most respected and advanced website development company who builds on the power of WordPress. We have migrated numerous websites built on a proprietary CMS resulting in easy editing, lowered costs and expanded site features.

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Astonishing stats about WordPress
  • WordPress websites make up 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world.
  • Some of the most successful companies in the world prefer WordPress as their CMS including: TED, NBC, CNN, TechCrunch, People magazine, the NFL, Best Buy, CBS Radio, and UPS. These are just a few of the Fortune 500 companies powered by WordPress.
  • WordPress is one of the largest open-source projects in the world.
  • The WordPress developer team has had over 70 developers contribute to the WordPress core, which contains over 430,000 lines of code.
  • Over 17 million websites in the entire internet are powered by WordPress. That is nearly 30% of all websites.

‘Nuff said.