Seven Urgent Questions About WordPress’ Gutenberg Answered

Known to most as Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 has officially launched. At Incite Response, we’ve completed a number of hotel site upgrades and are in an ideal position to pass along what we’ve learned so you can understand the challenges and improvements Gutenberg has provided for hotel websites.

Seven Urgent Questions About WordPress’ Gutenberg Answered

Why did WordPress change the editor?

The change in the editor was just one of several changes that WordPress made to simplify the user experience. More specifically, the simplification of the first-time user experience. For the many that have built sophisticated applications, sites and plugins to fill in the gaps, this produces a complication. Gutenberg may not play nicely in those scenarios. For that reason, your upgrade to WordPress 5.0 may require the assistance of an experienced WordPress development team.

What if my hotel website is old?

WordPress has been around for 15 years, during which time thousands of hotel websites have been created using old versions and plugins. I see hotel websites built on older versions of WordPress frequently. Many of these site