Get fast results. We’ll strategically use paid advertising to accelerate your results and are always fully engaged in organic optimization efforts. The key is to be judicious with the budget and selective with the keywords.​ We provide advertising management on Google, Bing, Meta Search and more.

What’s Included:

Development of Initial List of Target Keywords​
This list sources from careful evaluation of competitor websites to reveal their most valuable keywords and researching volume and ranking difficulty on Google.​

Focus and Build on High-Value Keywords
Using our list of focus keywords, we build ad campaigns and landing pages that will get high click conversions.​

Collaboration with Organic Advertising​
We review where the hotel ranks organically and determine the need for supplementing with paid placement.​

Extensive Measurement​
We provide two-factor measurement of paid advertising: goal factor and revenue factor. Goal factor shows how many desired actions lead up to a booking and revenue factor shows how much revenue resulted from the advertising.