Andy Scantland is a highly respected leadership coach. His website was getting outdated both in functionality and design. He wanted a site that stayed true to his branding while expanding its capability to explain the programs he offered and knowledge he’s gathered during his many years in the field. Because it is a copy-heavy website, visual interest was added through movement and graphics to break up the words into smaller, easier-to-digest-quickly pieces.

The mobile-responsive custom website build took about two months from project approval to launch date. We organized navigation by what pages were most popular on the old site and our assessment of the old site’s user experience on a desktop computer, tablet and a phone using various browsers and browser settings. As we would also be hosting the website and providing ongoing maintenance/security and SEO, the website was equipped with strong back-end SEO capabilities.


“The team at Incite is one of the smartest, most dedicated and knowledgeable groups I’ve ever been associated with. I’ve worked with Incite with several of my clients and they’ve always added significant value, offered great insight, and offered really practical business-building ideas.” – Andy Scantland, Owner