Sammamish Seniors requested a full overhaul of the brand along with their first website. The passionate volunteer-run and volunteer-created organization has built up momentum and interest; the next move to a full-fledged digital presence was the logical next step. The Incite team kept the beautiful blue sky and leafy-green brand colors, but amped up the vibrancy to achieve a fun and fresh feel. The enlivened color palette of deep lime green and clear water blue in turn inspired a playful website. The client’s “must-haves” included easy-to-read font in a larger font size and fun imagery of active older adults.

The new logo the team created kept the inspirational soaring bird as its centerpiece, but modified the style to be more streamlined and stylistic. Everything about the new brand is designed to invite the potential member to join in and thoroughly enjoy laughing and learning together while living working life’s liberating encore!


“You have provided us with a great new and exciting look for our organization – narratives, colors, moving screens, photos, the flow, links to Facebook, our newsletter, and community resources – we are thrilled with your professionalism in building our website, and very grateful for your patience in helping us learn to use it and keep it fresh!” – Joyce Bottenberg