IS 100%



The shortest answer is, no. But don’t give up just yet.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to get close. Here are the most important things to know in order to achieve the highest deliverability rate possible:

1. Deliverability is different from delivery. Deliverability means that the email gets into the client’s inbox. Delivery means that the email is merely delivered, meaning it could be in spam.

2. Many things could lead to your email not being delivered or being sent to spam. Here are a few:

  • Old email addresses (no longer in use)
  • Incorrect emails (spelling or punctuation errors)
  • Server is down
  • Email is too large
  • Words with all capital letters ( Ex: SIGN UP TODAY)
  • Lots of exclamation points (Ex: Big deals!!!!!!!!)
  • Default content or phrases (Ex: Call Now)
  • Too many emojis

3. One option to avoid these issues would be to run your email through a spam check.

4. Keep a healthy subscriber list.

  • Longer email lists do not mean more revenue
  • It’s better to have a small healthy list than an extensive list with unengaged customers and old information

5. The more bounces (hard or soft) you get from sending your emails, the more your reputation will suffer, meaning your emails are more likely to end up in spam folders.

6. Watch your sending frequency. Keeping a consistent pattern will help to build trust with the ISP and email recipients.

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