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Much More Than Collecting Reviews

Our Cloud Social Response collects your guest reviews on 5 major sites, then hand writes a response, invites you to comment and approve, then posts the response on your behalf. You stay in the loop with none of the work.

The most qualified people at any hotel or resort to respond to reviews are typically senior managers who are already under tremendous time pressure without adding hotel reputation management to the workload.

By entrusting hotel reputation management review responses to experts who keep up with submission guidelines and know how to craft thoughtful responses, managers and their support staff save time. This saves the hotel money.

Hiring our team frees up precious management time for an immediate payback.

  • We respond on your hotel’s behalf in cooperation with on-site staff.
  • Approve our written responses with one click using our mobile-friendly tool.
  • We monitor and respond to reviews across 5 select sites such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Expedia, and Google+.
  • There is no software to buy.


Pricing is simple. We charge a base price of $250, plus $2.50 a review. That’s it. Set a cap if you like to control exactly how much you’ll spend each month.