When Your Hotel Reputation Management Software isn’t Enough, Manage Your Hotel Reputation with Cloud Social Response Team

Cloud Social Response Team is a hotel review response writing, submitting and reporting service. Incite Response approaches the “cloud” concept as an extension of the hotel or restaurant management. The most qualified people at any hotel or resort to respond to reviews are typically senior managers who are already under tremendous time pressure without adding hotel reputation management to the workload.

By entrusting hotel reputation management review responses to experts who keep up with submission guidelines and know how to craft thoughtful responses, General Managers and their support staff save time. This saves the hotel money.

The valuable guest feedback contained in reviews can be repetitive. Personalized, easy-to-scan reports created monthly by Incite Response allow the GM to review highlights and trends while bypassing redundancies. These reports also provide useful competitive analysis.

Hiring our team frees up precious management time for an immediate payback.


  • We respond on your hotel’s behalf in cooperation with on-site staff.
  • You can choose to approve written responses using our mobile friendly tools slashing the time it takes to respond.
  • We monitor and respond to reviews across select sites such as TripAdvisor, Booking.com, Expedia/Hotels.com, and Google+.
  • We provide At-A-Glance (AAG reports) to summarize information, report progress on benchmarks and list useful competitor comparisons.
  • There is no new software to buy.

Fill in the form for a quick cost estimate. There is no minimum contract length so you can start and stop any time

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