Geo-targeting is a helpful user segmentation system that allows websites the ability to show different content or perform different actions based on the geolocation of the visitor. Adding this feature to your strategy is sure to enhance website performance.

Geo-targeting sorts visitors into specific geographic caching buckets. Keep in mind, the more granular the bucket, the more segmented your cache will be, which is less optimal for performance.

Segment your visitors by:

Postal Code (USA only)

Why and When to Geo Target

As mobile access to websites reaches its saturation point, it becomes more important to provide content that is more relevant to where a user is physically standing. If a site visitor is in your hotel, it’s unlikely that they are trying to “book now,” but more likely that they are looking for hotel services and features. In this environment the amount of content can be reduced or placed on a high/low priority. This is particularly helpful in full-service resorts that offer multiple dining outlets, spa, valet parking and more.

Promotions for Guests Onsite

Many guests experience the hotel website at the time of Wi-Fi login. With geo targeting you can offer content on your home page that is specific to that purpose. For example, promote dining offers and other ancillary services at the perfect time and in the perfect place to be useful to your guests.

Impact on SEO

When search engines crawl a webpage and discover geo-targeted content, they view the publisher as more authoritative and rank their site’s content in SERPs (search engine results pages) for geographical search terms. The more webpages indexed for a website with geo-targeted content, the deeper will its footprint be on the internet.

You Don’t Need a Proprietary CMS to Benefit

To implement this capability in a WordPress website, you simply need the assistance of a company with experience along with the right site hosting and plugin. May we suggest Incite Response, the travel industry’s leading expert on WordPress websites for hotels and resorts.