There are many reasons a website may not perform up to standards, but here are the top five we’ve seen after decades in the industry. Do any resonate with you? Let’s fix it together!

1. Low expectations
You should have specific goals for your website (attract and nurture new leads, streamlining your calendar for appointments and meetings, collecting emails). Your site can do a lot for you, so be sure and expect it to!

2. Treating your website as an art project (rather than a business tool)
A pretty site will only take you so far. It also needs to have that persuasive lead magnet and call to action beyond “contact us” or “learn more.”

3. Ignoring the buyer’s cycle
Don’t assume that visitors will remember you after they are done looking around at 10 or 11 of your competitors. You need to set up an enticing lead magnet to get them on your email list. Once you get that, you can keep your business at the top of mind through email campaigns and offers.

4. Saying too much
People will come to your site with a single need or problem. They want the answer to, “can you help me solve it?” and if your site has 20 pages of information about where you came from, who you are, every single detail for services you offer, all of your previous work, and 12 different people to contact- they will probably get overwhelmed and move on to your competitors. Keep two keywords in mind: simplicity and clarity.

5. Piecemeal strategies and bobbled-together content
Doing your site yourself can lead to a lot of research, and that research can lead to you taking pieces of information from a bunch of sources and strategies to combine into your strategy and site. This will probably lead to confusion and a lot of trial and error.