Fall is a great time of year to start something new, so we at Incite Response are launching a monthly website review called WordPress Website of the Month. There are worlds of fantastic WordPress websites in the hotel universe and, let’s be frank, a few that are equally as bad. In this series, we’ll be taking a look at the best of the best. If the website was built by us, we will of course point that out.

But First, the WordPress Reputation

WordPress sometimes get a bad reputation simply because it is so user friendly. The downside to this is that the door is opened to inexperienced users creating less-than-stellar websites in looks, function, security or all three. The upsides, however, far outweigh the downside. WordPress is open-source – hotels can own and not rent their website after it’s programmed. It’s user-friendly, which means if you’d like to change a word here and there yourself, you can. The benefits go on.

And the Winner is… Sands Hotel and Spa

This is a really fun website and fun sells rooms. The design is clean and has fluid movement that sets it apart from the usual template-based hotel websites. The photography and brand elements come together to set the stage for booking.

Everyone agrees a few bad photos can drag down a great site a