Create Facebook Success For Your Hotel With Three Steps

Hotel Social Media Ideas

You know your customers or guests expect you to be on Facebook and so you post three times a week every week whatever comes to mind as you sit at your computer. However, you don’t get many (if any!) likes or comments and you may have even noticed that little number under the posts telling you how many people your post reached never lists a number higher than 25! No worries – you can turn your page around. Here’s the fix:

1. Curate and create great content. Social media content strategies that work center around providing useful or entertaining content to people at the right time. Choose topics that are relevant to your customers and then spend time finding or creating great posts. Are you promoting a yoga class? Find quotes to inspire or teach your fans to meditate. Use Facebook Insights to learn when your fans are online and post then. There are approximately 1,500 business posts vying for one spot in a person’s News Feed each second which means only the good ones get through. How does Facebook know which ones are good? They use a mind-bogglingly complex algorithm to decide. Companies like mine who provide social media services for a living are constantly reverse-engineering this algorithm each time it changes, but for your purposes, just know that every bit of your post matters, from its length (keep it shortish) to its photo.

2. Tag