Over the years hotel websites have grown in sophistication and so have the content management systems on which they are built. Many digital marketing agencies that specialize in hotel websites have evolved their CMS over time to accommodate client requirements and changes in the way search engines index websites. That hasn’t always resulted in a very friendly user experience for site managers.

WordPress resolves these difficulties with a blended layer of drag and drop editors and plugins that make the familiar open text window editor more powerful. Simply put, editing in WordPress is a treat compared with other platforms. The level of customization in the build is limitless while not sacrificing site manager usability. In the very near future WordPress will launch its newest and biggest update ever to the interface code-named Gutenberg. I’ll be writing more about that as it comes to life.

The benefits to using WordPress for your website continue. Managing a WordPress website can be much more cost effective than other choices in the short- and long-term. Making significant changes to the look of your website is less difficult, so you can keep your look fresh without big redesign costs and lengthy timelines.

To get a firsthand look at a custom WordPress site management editor, contact us to schedule an online viewing.

Demo includes how to:
• Update promotions, events and packages
• Make copy changes to any page anywhere copy appears
• Photo and video changes
• Embed a video on a page
• Update a menu