WordPress plugins aren’t the only add-on opportunity that you have when it comes to harnessing powerful WordPress features – there are many additional third-party integrations that WordPress professionals swear by. Some may be just what you’re looking for.

Incite Response Invio: Our Invio integration is made to work with WordPress. Get this and you’ll quickly be able to personalize site content, headlines, offers and packages based on criteria you select within your email marketing database.

LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress is a WordPress-specific chat plugin you can use to add live chat support to your website painlessly. It allows for instant communication with site visitors and enables prompt resolution to their questions or concerns.

Facebook Live Chat – You’re probably already monitoring your Facebook messenger feed, so go the extra mile and make it easy for your guests and prospects visiting your website to reach you through Facebook Messenger. This easy-to-install plugin adds a small button to the web page that lets users instantly message your social media team. Bonus advice: Facebook offers their own java app that embeds the chat option into your website. No plugin needed.

Mail Chimp: The plugin lets you create beautiful opt-in forms to add more subscribers to your email list. Beyond that, you can integrate the plugin with any other form on your site like your contact form, comment form or checkout form. It supports all the major form plugins like Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, etc.

Indeed Plugin: If you are already using Indeed to post jobs, you can simply connect your site to your Indeed account and display a list of all your live jobs on your WordPress page. Your jobs will not only be visible on your own website but published on at the same time, increasing visibility for your job postings! Plugin: WordPress is the world’s most-used Content Management System (CMS), and Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, not just for hotels but also for national sales teams. Integrate them and get the best of both worlds! There are several options to set up and customize the integration.

Google Language Translator: Need to quickly add a good-looking widget to your website for Google language translation? This is a great plugin that lets you choose the desired languages and display in inline or vertical layout. You can also show or hide the Google branding.

Instagram Feed: Display Instagram photos from any non-private Instagram accounts. Choose multiple accounts or just yours. This integration lets you control the size and layout of the photos.