Incite Response is delivering new advanced features for clients using our call tracking systems to record, track and measure reservations phone conversions generated from email, website and social media marketing

Conversation Intelligence Engine
Incite Response conversation intelligence technology makes it easy to qualify phone conversions, letting you focus on what’s meaningful. Using machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions these powerful conversation analytics take the guesswork out of qualifying leads. Spend less time manually scoring your calls and understand the quality of a call without even having to listen to a recording.

Call transcriptions lets you search conversations for the keywords you care about in an automated and scalable way
The conversation intelligence engine automatically transcribes calls and finds keywords, giving you additional context about your phone calls. Search all calls from any campaign, PPC search keyword, or geographic location for the words that matter to your business.

Keyword Spotting
Keyword Spotting utilizes transcripts from conversation intelligence engine to instantly identify custom keywords and categorize calls for automated, detailed analyses of conversations. After the criteria and keywords associated with leads and customers are identified, the system will automatically tag relevant calls. Seamlessly integrate spotted keywords with analytics platforms for deeper insights.

Phrases like, “I would like to make a reservation” or “ I would like to book a room” can be counted as conversions.

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