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Let us build your affordable custom WordPress theme.

If you’ve been sifting through websites trying to find the perfect WordPress theme, you now know there are hundreds of choices. If you’ve also discovered that none are quite what you had in mind, then it’s time to have a custom WordPress theme built.

You may be surprised to find out that a custom theme can be affordable and you’ll avoid common off-the-rack theme issues. There are a great many benefits to having your theme professionally designed and programmed. Most of the themes that you can buy at a low cost are built for multiple types of uses and so include lots of tools, widgets, etc. you may not need. This results in a theme that is bloated with programming and is slow to load. A slow-loading theme is a big problem to both your potential guest and to Google’s view of how great your website is and where it should show up in search results.

We have the solution. We build affordable custom themes that:

  • Are fully device-responsive, quickly adapting to any device your visitor wishes to use.
  • Are lean and fast.
  • Maximize your best photography and we include licensed images of your choice.
  • Implement best practices for website design.
  • Use parallax scrolling tools for multi dimensional immersion if desired.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • Are ADA compliant.
  • Use custom data collection forms and tools.
  • Can include dynamic content personalization at the individual level – the next step in website evolution.
  • Integrate video.
  • Use secure hosting and backup of your site.
  • Include full support and security updates for as long as you have a contract with us.

With a custom theme, you can still manage your own WordPress site content if you choose and it will be a lot easier. We will arrange the back end so that everything is clear and understandable — no more hunting around for what you need to change.

Creating your WordPress theme takes only a couple of weeks from concept to design and programming. We can help you through the entire process and when you’re ready to fly solo, we let go. Or, if you prefer to focus on your business and have us do updates, we have a package for that too.

If you need assistance with your website search optimization (SEO), local search or email marketing we can bring everything up to your standards quickly.

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