Businesses are looking for ways to cut back and save money during these difficult times and many may consider their website fair game for cuts. Before you, as a business owner or manager, jump in to slash costs at the expense of your lifeline to your customers, consider these smart ways to reduce your website expenses without sacrificing short or long-term search optimization or frustrate your customers by going dark. 


In two previous articles, we wrote about the drastic side effects of shutting down your website entirely. Here are the top 5 possible consequences of turning off or losing your website in case you may be considering it. 

  1. Your customers won’t know what’s happening with your business if they can’t find your business online, they may conclude you aren’t coming back 
  2. Your customers can’t find or read first-hand information about your business and its products and services. For example, reviews, inquiry forms and downloads simply won’t be foundThis will also have a significant effect on third-parties that syndicate your content and maintain backlinks to your website. 
  3. Google Knowledge Panels will likely lose information like contact phone numbers and your site’s logo causing a clean-up snarl to be dealt with later. 
  4. Search console verification will fail, and you will lose all access to historical information about your business in search. Aggregate reports in the search console will lose data as pages are dropped from the index.
  5. Ramping back up after a prolonged absence will be significantly harder if your website needs to be reindexed first. Additionally, it’s uncertain how long this would take, and whether the site would appear similarly in search afterwards. 

All of the above spells money and time that you’ll need to spend to get back to where you are today. There are programs such as those offered by Incite Response that will avoid all of these potential issues at a fraction of the cost you’re currently paying.  

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David Metze

A Leading Expert on WordPress and Digital Marketing

For over 17 years Incite Response has been providing digital marketing expertise for service, legal, education and entertainment companies. We are the leading experts in the design, development and management of WordPress websites. We help businesses realize the significant savings and improved site management that comes from an open source CMS like WordPress. In addition to website services we also offer the full range of digital marketing capabilities that successful hotels and resorts require in today’s competitive market. We provide everything that brings the guest to Buy Now!

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