Businesses are looking for ways to cut back and save money during these difficult times and many may consider their website fair game for cuts. Before you, as a business owner or manager, jump in to slash costs at the expense of your lifeline to your customers, consider these smart ways to reduce your website expenses without sacrificing short or long-term search optimization or frustrate your customers by going dark. 


Previously, we spoke of limiting site functionality instead of taking a site offline. In some cases, you may feel it’s necessary to shut down your entire website. Do note that this is very extreme and could have farreaching negative repercussions. If you must, do so for less than 3 days. This may be necessary to move your site to a new provider or replace a site that was lost. Work with a professional to make certain you are returning a 503 error in place of content and follow Google’s best practices for disabling a website. If you need to be offline for an extended period of time, establish an indexable landing page for the interim. You can also temporarily hide your site in search while you work out your plan. 

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