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The complexities of today’s resort marketing programs demand a higher degree of hands-on management and team efforts. Not all agencies are well-suited to the task especially when the client is unable to provide a high level of direction. In this scenario, a successful agency is going to be one with a team of experienced hotel marketers, operators and revenue managers capable of uncovering problems and opportunities without hand holding. That’s us to a T.

Resort Marketing Agencies

Resort marketing agencies with a high degree of digital marketing experience are a dwindling group. Consolidation through acquisition along with the abandonment of the travel vertical has left resort marketers with fewer choices. These marketers are often forced to take the path of least resistance and use an agency that may be working for one or more of their competitors. This explains the generic cookie cutter look of many resort marketing websites.

Google sees these websites in much the same way — one is difficult to distinguish from another. This is where a solid hotel SEO strategy that is custom-developed and managed with a hands-on approach will make the difference. Be sure to visit our hotel SEO page to see how we approach this exceptionally competitive landscape.

Digital Marketing

The foundation of any resort digital marketing program is the hotel CRM system. At one time this was one of the largest marketing investments any brand or independent hotel could make. Over the years, improvements to off-the-shelf systems and the new development of CRM systems have dramatically lowered the cost. Many of these systems are easy enough for on-property marketers to manage themselves with some training and regular use making the decision to buy easier.

The challenge with robust resort CRM systems is they tend to fall to the side with irregular use, lapses in training and management attrition. Unfortunately, in this situation, the contract and expenses still exist, but with no one driving that process, the benefit is no longer there. To ensure against waning system use and technological obsolescence, partner with Incite Response to select, operate and manage a CRM system. This leaves the marketing executive with more time to drive the process with new ideas.

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