Fair Trade is for More Than Coffee

We really like coffee too

We believe in fair pricing and outstanding work. When we custom package and price any assortment of our services and products for you, you can expect that the quote we give you will be fair and a good value. We won’t start high in order to have room to negotiate, we’ll immediately give you our best price.

We attract employees who are very good at what they do partly because we pay a fair wage (we also treat our people very well). We aren’t the agency for those looking for bargain basement work or for those who want the glitz of a Madison Ave NYC agency and all the overhead that comes with it. We are the agency for those looking for creativity, expertise in all areas of marketing, one-on-one interactions, collaborative idea generating, ROI-driven campaigns, social communities that provide top-notch service and functional and beautiful websites.

All our contracts have a 30-day notice out clause. We want you to be our long-term client because that’s what you want, not because you’re stuck.

Many items are priced directly on their coordinating pages. For example, look for our social media pricing on the social media page. For pricing on projects that can vary a great deal, please CONTACT US.

We Work for You, Not Your Competitors

Fewer website companies are serving more clients. This consolidation means that it’s possible and likely that your marketing company is working for competitors. We believe this is a conflict of interest. There is a great competitive advantage to using a marketing agency focused specifically on your company, in your market. Without the distraction of serving your competitors in your backyard, we offer high-touch, personal service and hands-on management of your web strategies.

Software Fee

We bulk-purchase and invest in software so you don’t have to. Our team uses the latest software in areas such as email testing and launching platforms, website analytics, social media post review and approval, reputation review and response review and approval, website rendering browser testing and so much more. This elevates the quality of our work and saves you time and money. We charge a $100 per month, per client software fee to keep our overall retainer costs down.