Mobile Hotel Website Design

Faster is Better

We live in a world of instant personal communication. We can call, text, chat, IM or message through social networks to anyone we’d like, anytime we’d like, instantly. If we take full advantage of mobile technology, we can also communicate wherever we’d like. This communication is not only fast, it is also direct. Why not take the fast and direct approach to customer service as well? It’s possible and our agency can deliver that to you!

How It Works!

A mobile-optimized website is becoming a must for businesses everywhere. Any free moment can become an opportunity to connect with your guests. Not only can a website that is easily accessible by a mobile phone be a fantastic way for your guests to book a massage or reserve a tee-time, it could also be a brilliant way to improve your guests’ experience while they are currently staying at your hotel. A better guest experience can directly translate into repeat stays and guest referrals—the Holy Grail of the hospitality industry.

Tent cards, a welcome card in the room and/or a short introduction by the front desk staff on check-in will direct guests to your personal mobile-optimized customer service website. Here they can express instantaneously what they love and what they may not be so happy about by completing a short, easy survey and providing their mobile number. This information is immediately relayed to a manager who will be able to react quickly to fix the concern or simply call to personally thank them.

Incite Response can provide all or just some of the technical components of this idea—the personalized website, the delivery, the data gathering and the tracking. We can rapidly connect you and your guests via on-the-spot customer service.

This Idea Is Worth Stealing Because:

It takes customer service to the next level.

You will know how your guests feel about their stay now, not when they are home.

You will be able to react immediately to change the course of their stay, if necessary.

It connects you and your guests in an immediate and rewarding way.

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