Hotels Need an Advocate in the World of Peer Reviews

An Incite Response Case Study

By: Lori Metze

In the world of hospitality, a false or slanderous review can mean the difference between filling your guest rooms and coming up short. What can you do if a review is patently false and makes untrue statements? Unfortunately, all it takes is one exceptionally negative review to hurt an establishment’s credibility, especially in a society where travelers tend to make decisions based on the reviews of others.  For guests, it’s easy to go on review sites and leave your thoughts – you are encouraged to do so and say anything you’ dl like.  At times this feedback is helpful to the hotel and improvements can be made because of it.  At times, hotel managers are subjected to guests’ threats along the lines of, “If you don’t give me a free room, I’m going on TripAdvisor” or they simply have to face an untrue accusation.  We can help.

Recently, our hotel client in South Beach, received a review on TripAdvisor that included both slander and false information.  Dana Paisley, the Social Media Sciences Manager at Incite Response, acting as the public relations representative for the hotel, identified this review and alerted the hotel’s General Manager.  The two parties then collaborated to identify the details of the review that were false.  Dana recommended action and submitted a dispute to TripAdvisor, stating that the review was in direct violation of the content guidelines executed by TripAdvisor, notably due to the fact that it was made up of false accusations and was in no way relevant to other travelers.  Dana further asked for a removal or modification of the review.

Upon further follow-up, Incite Response was told the review had been removed from TripAdvisor’s website.

Although peer review sites are intended to be primarily for the use of travelers, hotels do not have to simply accept a harmful review when it is untrue or ranting in nature.  Incite Response will advocate on your behalf to get the review removed.

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