Top 5 Hotel Social Media Crimes – Hotel Social Media Tips

Top 5 Hotel Social Media Crimes- Don’t get sent to the social dog house

By: Lori Metze and By: David Metze

Social media is vital to businesses as a customer service platform and as a way to boost website searchability. However, recently the powers that be (social media sites) are not just ignoring those hotels who don’t take social media seriously, but actually dishing out punishment when it’s done badly. Social media survives because it interests and serves the millions who use it. There are a couple thousand posts/tweets/etc. at any given second trying to get in front of one person’s eyes. Social sites have a lot from which to choose, so they reward the best ones by allowing great content to reach more people. But, here’s what a lot of people don’t know, Facebook and other sites actively repress those messages that are deemed boring, irrelevant, or pushy. Here are the top 5 hotel social media tips.


Top 5 Social Media Crimes

Number 5

The Crime: Overwhelming your audience. A guest’s fav hotel is still not her BFF. Don’t think guests want to hear from you four times a day. They don’t and they won’t.
The Punishment: When you post more than 5 times a week, you run the risk of annoying your guests into unliking your page. Beyond that, Facebook and some other sites will cut back your reach significantly.

Number 4

The Crime: Lengthy posts. We think words are wonderful, but in this busy, message-cluttered world, less is more.
The Punishment: When your post is longer than a sentence (maybe 2), social sites cut back your reach and guests tune out.

Number 3

The Crime: Begging for likes. Facebook asks for feedback when someone clicks the “x” next to a post to hide it. The result? They figured out that begging is needy (wait, doesn’t everyone already know that?) and started throttling back pages that use this tactic.
The Punishment: Chances are that almost no one will see a post that begs for likes with certain trigger phrases like, “like us for” won’t be pushed in the News Feed.

Number 2

The Crime: Using only words. If you don’t have a photo or video, don’t bother! Twitter excepted.
The Punishment: It used to be that attaching a photo, video or link would result in a reward (post would reach more people), but now it has gone beyond that. Research shows a crystal clear connection between photos and reach. Images win. Use them.

AND NOW Number 1

The Crime: Putting on the hard sell! It goes against a marketer’s very nature to hold back on the offers, but your guests are using social media sites to connect with you, connect with other guests, get ideas for area activities, NOT to click and book. That doesn’t mean they won’t pay attention to an exclusive fan deal (they will!), just be sure the deal is awesome and the timing is spot-on. Also, expect that most will shop around before they buy (resulting in a loss of any attempt to track them).

The Punishment: Fan disengagement and reduced organic reach. You may not even be able to pay your way out of this one! All good sales people know there is a time to sell and a time to socialize.

David_Metze and_Lori_MetzeDavid and Lori Metze lead Cloud Social Response Team, a time-saving hotel and resort review management service that frees up the time of General Managers by properly responding to and reporting on valuable guest feedback. Along with their team, they’ve read and responded to thousands of hotel reviews. Lori is also a professional travel writer who reviews luxury hotels and resorts every month. Learn More

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