Don’t wreck your hotel online reputation

Hotel Online Reputation Management Crimes

In our previous blog post entitled, “Bad Marketer” we listed the top 5 social media crimes that will surely get you punished. This article picks up from there to talk about your hotel online reputation.

Social sites aren’t the only ones who don’t mind putting you in the corner when you make a mistake. Your own guests will call you out (you know it!), so be sure to dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s, literally. Most reputation management crimes are surely unintentional but beware, your guests see them for what they are.

Top 3 Hotel Online Reputation Management Crimes

Number 3: The Crime: Getting upset with the guest who wrote that review you didn’t like. They hate that. They really do.

The Punishment: A particularly incensed guest will take his or her review to every review site in existence. That review on TripAdvisor will now be on Yelp, Expedia, Google, and more. We’ve seen it happen.

Number 2: The Crime: Write like a hillbilly. The grammar, punctuation and word choice you use when responding to reviews is your face to the world (more so than your website!). Does your face have a blemish? An unnamed 4-star hotel posted the following response:

Hotel online reviews

The Punishment: Your brand could be damaged from repeated poor grammar not to mention your career.

Number 1: The Crime: Responding selectively (good, bad or neutral). Nothing says, “We don’t care,” like letting a response go unanswered. It’s a bit like spilling your deepest secret to your bestie only to find out his attention was on the football game. Answer all reviews and answer them quickly! Outsource if you need to.

The Punishment: You’ll discourage positive reviews if your guests feel you only pay attention to problems. Every hotel wants more good reviews, so this is a biggie.

In Conclusion

Some hotels haven’t yet realized social media is a gift. It’s a two-way street that allows communication with your past, present and future guests at a level previously impossible. Enjoy it and consider this your “get out of jail free card” from us to you.

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