Is Your Email Marketing Ready for Mobile? Go Device-Responsive.

By: Lori Metze By: David Metze

If you are like many people, you check email several times a day on a tablet or smart phone. It’s also likely that you engage in “email triage” by deleting emails that are difficult to read. You’re not alone!  According to Yesmail’s 2013 report,  “Email Compass: The Mobile Effect,” 61% of U.S. consumers now read some emails on a mobile device and 30% of consumers read their email exclusively on mobile devices. Our company’s own data suggests that the majority of recipients open emails on both mobile and desktop devices. These numbers are growing steadily and will continue to grow in 2014. What does this mean for your next email campaign?

Device-Responsive Email Marketing

For years, email programmers have been creating emails that scale to fit within a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. The ability to see an email on a smart phone (shrunken to fit) is often confused with a mobile-friendly or “device-responsive” design which reorganizes and resizes content based on what device a person is using to open email. Device-responsive email’s large font, organized design and no-zoom features make it a pleasure to read.

Email Responsively

Device-responsive programming has been practiced in website design for years, but has struggled to make the leap to mobile due to the extraordinary range and complexity of devices and email clients. Nearly a year ago, the Incite Response development team set out to create and test some of the very first truly mobile-friendly email campaigns. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Have a look at a recent campaign we launched for our partner HSMAI Virginia Chapter:

Read How Device-Responsive Improves Engagement

Follow the link to read five case studies and peruse an infographic on how device-responsive programming improves engagement.

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David Metze founded Incite Response in 2001 after over a decade in the hospitality industry. Researching and implementing new technologies is a daily pursuit for him that he greatly enjoys and that is the force behind the company’s strategy. He excels in customer analytics, strategic consulting and technological advancement.

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