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Two Roads Hospitality Email Marketing Ideas

Two Roads Hospitality

For years, we’ve been creating email newsletter campaigns for Destination Hotels and then Two Roads for their sales team. Our advanced CRM is ideal for this particular project’s complexity. The sales team consists of 7 people and so there are 7 versions of the email, each personalized with the sales rep’s photo, contact info and a message. The rest of the email consists of news and meeting offers. Because there are so many hotels featured and it is important for deliverability to keep an email somewhat short, the email campaigns are linked to a landing page with all applicable information and links to featured hotels. On the print side, we design and mail a postcard with a featured hotel group offer to meeting planners each month.

Services provided: email campaigns with 7 personalized versions, landing pages, postcard marketing.

A great hospitality marketing idea comes to life for Destination Hotels | Two Roads Hospitality

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