The Inn at 97 Winder

Project Description

Inn at 97 Winder Detroit Marketing

The Inn at 97 Winder, Detroit

The work we do for the restored 1876 Brush Park 10-room mansion known in Detroit as the John Harvey House exemplifies our passion to boutique properties. Because they are a full-service client, whatever marketing work they need regardless of the area, we do. We designed and programmed a unique responsive website as a custom order on the WordPress platform. The inn owns the website and does not have to pay for it monthly. We maintain the site and do all SEO work and PPC campaigns in the Google Ad Network to drive bookings.

We created their social media sites and in a matter of four months have grown their Facebook fan base from zero to over 4,000. Each new fan is acquired in a targeted manner based on their likelihood of becoming a guest. We also custom curate content for Instagram and Twitter. We handle all customer service work through their social sites including job postings and receiving applications via social media. We’ve designed both a sales brochure and a wedding brochure in the branded identity we created for them. The brand work we completed included a logo featuring a custom digital re-creation of the distinct cupola of the Second Empire building. We answer each guest’s review on major review sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Services provided: (Full service) website design and programming, website maintenance, SEO, PPC, social media sciences, brand identity, logo, print collateral, email campaigns, reputation mangement.

A great hospitality marketing idea comes to life for the Inn at 97 Winder Detroit

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