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The Ultimate City Experience (UCE) is a marketing tool for hotels and resorts that creates or grows a database, builds partnerships, grows fan following on social media platforms, and creates the opportunity for excellent social media and website content. Incite Response creates an Ultimate City Experience (only one hotel client per large city) identity, enter-to-win hotel-branded microsite, and arranges all the necessary partnerships with area activity vendors, then uses cross-promotion, email promotion, and social media promotion to encourage potential guests to enter to win the giveaway.

The giveaway consists of a one- or two-night stay plus tickets (that have been given to the hotel free of charge from vendors) to area attractions for use during their stay.

Hotel partners are promoted through email, website backlinks, social advertising and social media posts. Vendor partners do the same for the hotel. Each person who enters the contest provides their email address and permission for all partners to email them. Your email list will grow considerably. Past successes with the program show as many as 8-10K email addresses a year result from the program.

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