Email + Postal Mail = Twice as Many Leads

The key to successful lead prospecting is based on simple principles.  The more impressions the best qualified prospects receive from you, the greater your response. Email is unbeatable when it comes to message speed, people are busy and viewing all their emails is simply not possible.  Using postal mail as well helps you increase your chances of breaking through the email clutter.  In addition, mailed pieces simply have a longer shelf life.

Postal mail combined with email has been proven to have the highest ROI of all possible scenarios.

Generating Leads Through Social Media

We believe that lead generation can come from anywhere and it works best when it’s entertaining. Incite Response developed a social media lead-generating program for Advanced Academics, a national online school, in order to explore the effectiveness of Facebook in finding potential customers.

To do this, we created the Zombie Apocalypse Quiz, a micro site that engaged potential students in an entertaining quiz, which was designed to judge their suitability as online students for the school. The quiz was interesting to take and the quiz results were easy for the kids to share through Facebook. We crafted highly targeted Facebook ads to further push the quiz to the right candidates.

The result was incredible.  Our system built a database of 3,000 potential students that met Advanced Academics’ age and location criteria in just three months. The leads were funneled into a marketing stream that introduced Advanced Academics’ ground-breaking online learning programs to potential students.

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