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Essential WordPress Plugins for Hotels

Essential WordPress Plugins for Hotel and Resort Websites Plugins that make life easier for hotels WordPress offers the use of plugins that add functionality and features to your hotel website in a matter of minutes. Back in the olden days, programmers arrived at the blacksmith shop and began custom [...]

Best WordPress Plugins for Hotel Websites

Best WordPress Plugins for Hotel Websites WordPress integrations that instantly improve your website WordPress plugins aren’t the only add-on opportunity that you have when it comes to harnessing powerful WordPress features - there are many additional third-party integrations that WordPress professionals swear by. Some may be just what [...]

New Advanced Hotel Call Tracking Features

INTRODUCING NEW HOTEL CALL TRACKING FEATURES Making Call Tracking Better for Hotels Incite Response is delivering new advanced features for clients using our call tracking systems to record, track and measure reservations phone conversions generated from email, website and social media marketing Conversation Intelligence Engine Incite Response conversation intelligence [...]

WordPress fixes common hotel website problems

WORDPRESS FIXES COMMON HOTEL WEBSITE PROBLEMS WordPress has quietly been taking over hotel web development as the CMS of choice One of the most powerful benefits of a WordPress site is easy editing, ending the frustration surrounding limitations on copy or rearranging pictures. WordPress users agree that adding pages [...]

Is editing and maintaining your hotel website harder than it should be?

Is editing and maintaining your hotel website harder than it should be? Hotel WordPress Website How to: Over the years hotel websites have grown in sophistication and so have the content management systems on which they are built. Many digital marketing agencies that specialize in hotel websites have evolved [...]