Building Hotel WordPress Websites

Building Hotel WordPress Websites Expertise

What hotels need to know about Gutenberg

Seven Urgent Questions About WordPress’ Gutenberg Answered What you need to know about the newest version of WordPress Known to most as Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 has officially launched. At Incite Response, we’ve completed a number of hotel site upgrades and are in an ideal position to pass along what [...]

Hotel WordPress Site of the Month | Sands Hotel

HOTEL WORDPRESS WEBSITE OF THE MONTH Sands Hotel and Spa, Indian Wells CA Fall is a great time of year to start something new, so we at Incite Response are launching a monthly website review called WordPress Website of the Month. There are worlds of fantastic WordPress websites in [...]

WordPress fixes common hotel website problems

WORDPRESS FIXES COMMON HOTEL WEBSITE PROBLEMS WordPress has quietly been taking over hotel web development as the CMS of choice One of the most powerful benefits of a WordPress site is easy editing, ending the frustration surrounding limitations on copy or rearranging pictures. WordPress users agree that adding pages [...]