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What hotels need to know about Gutenberg

Seven Urgent Questions About WordPress’ Gutenberg Answered What you need to know about the newest version of WordPress Known to most as Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0 has officially launched. At Incite Response, we’ve completed a number of hotel site upgrades and are in an ideal position to pass along what [...]

Hotel WordPress Site of the Month | Sands Hotel

HOTEL WORDPRESS WEBSITE OF THE MONTH Sands Hotel and Spa, Indian Wells CA Fall is a great time of year to start something new, so we at Incite Response are launching a monthly website review called WordPress Website of the Month. There are worlds of fantastic WordPress websites in [...]

Geo-Targeted Content on Your Hotel WordPress Website

Using Geo-Targeted Content on Your Hotel WordPress Website Generating custom website content based on user location. Geo-targeting is a helpful user segmentation system that allows websites the ability to show different content or perform different actions based on the geolocation of the visitor. Adding this feature to your strategy is [...]