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Why should you buy this when anyone else would give it away to try to get your business. Because free stuff nearly always disappoints people and comes with a lame sales pitch. This way we give you a quality product without an unwanted sales pitch. Although we will secretly hope you like what you see and want to work with us.

If you are wondering how much money your top competitor spends on Google Adwords, we have the answer. Order our ADSpy report and see what you’re up against. Are you under spending? Over spending?

Hotel PPC Reports and Services ppc-adSPY-Report

These are incredibly accurate estimates of a domain’s spending on PPC terms during the last 12 months. How? We take all of the domain’s paid keywords and use their ad position on those terms to get an idea of how much the domain spent overall. It estimates the budget spent only on Google AdWords, not display ads.

In the PPC Overview, the budget details are loaded in the chart each month so you can track how the budget changed over time. You can also see who else is competing for keyword clicks.


When a website appears as a Google organic (non-ad) search result, any traffic their page gets from that search is counted as an SEO click. The report rolls up an estimated number of clicks that they get from each keyword from the past month. This helps you determine how much traffic their web pages get-main page, blog, etc.

The report estimates these clicks using information from Google and careful calculations based on how that company ranks on every one of its searches.

The chart of Est. Monthly SEO Clicks on the SEO Overview helps you see how the number changed over time and against Google algorithm updates.

The crawl test tool sends rogerbot straight to your site or your competitor’s site. Starting with the top pages our bot friend munches on the page code to report on fundamental SEO factors like Title tags and locate potentially SEO impacting errors like 500 status codes and much, much more.

Roger will crawl up to 3k links per crawl test. Results are provided in visual charts and emailed to you within 24 hours.


This is our monthly in-depth SEO progress report. We establish and track up to 50 key words and phrases, as compared to three of your selected competitors. Each month you get a report that shows where you and your competitors rank, movement up or down and summary information about the overall power of your website as defined by domain authority, back links and search visibility.

OK – we get it. Free is awesome especially when you can learn something important about your website or a competitor. Get a free SEO analysis while you wait. It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll gain some valuable insight into how well your website ranks against a competitor of your choice.