hotel social media solutions, Be Social with your Guests

Incite Response offers a flexible range of social media solutions to help you leverage this incredibly useful channel. Our hotel social media solutions include:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Dynamic Reputation Management
  • Social Media Content Development – Video and Copy
  • Social Media Optimization

Up to this point, many hotels and resorts focus on organic growth in the social media arena.  Our focus is to take your hotel social media program from survive to thrive.  We do this in three different ways and will personalize your particular program based on your current needs.

Social Media Strategy and Consulting

Because hotel social media is emerging at a rapid pace (and is still quite recent overall), organizations often establish their presence organically rather than strategically.  In most cases, this evolution is appropriate to a point.  At this point, the organization needs to develop a strategy for its social media use and integration into the overall marketing strategy.

As hotels are now coming to the realization that their guests expect their favorite hotels to have a strong Facebook presence, they are turning to hotel social media specialists who have the time and expertise to develop the strategy needed for engaging pages.  Our focus is to personify your hotel and humanize your message for the most compelling presentation possible.  By building loyal followers on relevant platforms, your guests’ experience will be enhanced, translating into increased ROI for you.

We understand that Facebook and other platforms use formulas to decide what content is interesting enough to push to a large portion of your followers.  We tweak and employ methods of posting, tweeting, pinning, etc. to maximize your social media exposure.

Dynamic Reputation Management

Incite Response knows you want to see an ROI on your social media investment. We monitor all online public domains (including, Expedia,, Orbitz, Priceline, TravelPost, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Travel, Yelp, blogs, public Facebook pages, and forums) world-wide for mentions of your property and/or on-site restaurant.  We actively manage and monitor your property’s online reputation along with the reputation of your competitors.  Using a top listening tool, we dynamically control the search for key words and phrases to uncover opportunities for new business, immediately address problem areas before they cost you business and listen-in on your competitor’s social chatter.

At-a-Glance Reports:  Incite Response runs hand-tailored reports to collect the statistics you value the most and then consolidates them into one easy-to-read report.  When we also manage your social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, those statistics will be included in your report as well.  Statistics and review information for your chosen competitive set are included.

Reputation Management:   Travelers rely heavily on peer reviews to make destination decisions.  In a Forrester survey commissioned by TripAdvisor, 79% of 2,100 travellers indicated that a warm response from management to a negative review positively impacted their choice of hotel.  Incite Response will respond or coordinate responses to reviews while using the collected information on overall sentiment and in-depth sentiment analysis to drive strategy.

Prospecting:  Incite Response uses active daily management to configure our listening tool to become a prospecting tool.  We employ a dynamic search technique to find potential leisure or group guests looking for a hotel in your area and supply them with needed information to encourage an immediate booking.

Social Media Content

In the Attention Age, content is the currency.  We create content people enjoy, appreciate and pass along, thus spreading the word for you.

Today, more than ever, hotels need to develop content that entertains, informs, attracts attention, generates online conversations and encourages readers to share it throughout their social networks.  Messages spread from individual to individual because they are useful, relevant and from a trusted source.  Because social media is largely user-generated content, it makes sense for businesses to generate the most accurate, best and highest-quality content.  Doing so attracts more views, comments and referrals.

To fully benefit from social networks, businesses will need to break free of traditional, outdated marketing communication models and embrace a new type of marketing.  In essence, social network content is a back door to your customers.

We develop video and written content such as quality video for podcasts and YouTube and articles for newsletters and blogs.

If you are ready for Incite Response to create a hotel social media strategy for your property, please contact us today at 720-493-1020 or We would be more than happy to help you elevate your social media presence.