Hotel Mystery Shopper | Online Real Time Call Monitoring

Hotel mystery shopper services don’t always tell the whole story. Sometimes you just need to hear it for yourself. Listening to your reservations calls is only the beginning. Restore your ability to track PPC ROI for bookings that come through your reservations phone lines and measure call volume by time of day and more.

When you buy a group of tracking phone number from us, we’ll set you up with a dashboard from which you can listen to each call and see all your statistics. Our call tracking service includes the use of toll-free numbers (toll charges included), that you can assign in any way you like to various marketing initiatives such as pay-per-click promotions, newspapers, magazines, email and website landing pages. Using this service allows you to log in to your dashboard to know the time of call, duration, caller ID information and use the recorded call for quality assurance.


We provide a minimum of 5 phone numbers at a time with no minimum usage, no long-term contracts and easy to understand, affordable pricing.

Learn more about call tracking and the accompanying online dashboard. You can reach us 720-493-1020 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you!