Hotel Mobile Marketing

If you find yourself forced to play hotel mobile marketing catch-up because of the way your guests use your website, you’re not alone. In order to get ahead of the game, don’t stop with simply optimizing your website’s programming, change your entire approach to mobile marketing.

In most markets, we are already seeing the majority of site visitors using mobile devices and that provides all-new opportunity to refocus your pay-per-click marketing as well as your social media. Make certain that your email marketing is also fully aligned and optimized for mobile viewing.

The hotel mobile marketing small-screen experience can be just as engaging with guests as their large-screen experience when you integrate mobile user expectations into your design. For example, we often see a significant increase in telephone bookings from mobile visitors simply because it’s easier to make a voice reservation while you’re on the move. This creates yet another opportunity to register, monitor and record that phone call so that you don’t lose track of your ROI.

We develop integrated systems that intelligently track ROI (regardless of the device a guest uses), follow visitor activity and score guests based on not only revenue but by engagement and social standing. Let’s get started.