Incite Response CRM Platform Backstage

Personalized dynamic digital marketing we call CRM Backstage

CRM Backstage is our cuttingedge marketing platform that allows us to build personalized dynamic web content along with emails, social and other marketing campaigns powered by a sophisticated CRM system that connects to property management systems.

Backstage supports triggered marketing programs, guest engagement and ad hoc marketing campaigns. Why do we call it Backstage? This new system is backstage of your marketing theater, driving the stars of the show — your marketing campaigns.

Currently, most websites and emails look the same and present the same message to everyone who visits. The future is a website that presents a unique experience to each visitor based on one or many of these factors: geo-location, path that led them to the site, past purchase behavior, loyalty program affiliation or status, etc. By using our technology, we build everything around who your customer is and what would be most relevant to them. We provide the messages and images they’re most likely to appreciate and act on.


Email marketing automation: Messages are triggered anytime by any action taken anywhere. We are taking confirmations, pre-arrival and departure emails beyond the next level with the ability to custom build any email message triggered by any event. Would you like to send a targeted pre-arrival email suited to an upcoming group stay? CRM Backstage lets you set it and forget it.

Personalize your website. CRM Backstage allows us to create website pages that are specific to individual guests, meeting planners or meeting attendees. A personal experience is impactful and Backstage delivers a unique web experience to your most important customers.

Any data feed from any data source. Backstage offers full integration of web forms, property management system and all of the other sources where you collect data. A single view of the customer provides a better and actionable view of the customer.

SMS text marketing triggers. Do you want to send a text message to a guest after arrival? How about a text after they sign up for a loyalty club? Using smart opt-in SMS, the guest experience improves with simple reminders and service messages.

Targeted Google and Facebook ads can be served directly to your past guests. When you have a message that is intended for only certain eyes, CRM Backstage will deliver it.