direct mail marketing

Hotel Direct Mail Marketing

You might just be the last person in hospitality interested in ole fashioned mail.

OK. We’ll indulge you with Direct Mail that Works.

Direct mail has come full circle in the past year. As email has become the primary means of marketing for many companies, direct mail has fallen by the wayside. Now, you may be realizing that you tend to look at all your mail, but not all your email. Direct mail marketing is back. The secret is to have highly-targeted lists and focused campaigns so that you only pay to send mailed campaigns that are relevant and then track the results using tracking phone numbers. We work to make your direct mailing list smaller, trackable and more productive, increasing your ROI tremendously.

Boomerang – Guest Retention for Hotels

Boomerang, our guest retention program for hotels, is driven by a simple concept. We encourage past guests to book on the one-year anniversary of the date they last stayed with you. We create the mailer, manage and clean your mailing lists and handle all the details. Boomerang is especially effective for past guests that have become disengaged from email messages or where an email address has become invalid.

This program is easy to implement and manage and creates reliable returns by bringing your guests back and converting them to direct channel buying.

“Incite Response’s Boomerang program has gone above and beyond our expectations in terms of ROI. This is the single most effective customer retention program we’ve tried!” -Tony Redd, Previously the Director of Marketing for PGA National Resort