Our hotel CRM systems (Customer Relationship Management) integrate with a hotel’s website, email marketing and social media to create an immersive marketing experience. This requires a high degree of expertise in all of these facets of resort marketing. Optimal ROI is all about delivering the “next level” of customer experience while driving incremental revenues. To reach the level of integration and expertise we offer, you would need to pair a revenue manager with a marketer and make them both experts with a CRM system. We give you a powerful competitive advantage.

The foundation of any resort marketing program is the hotel CRM system. At one time this was one of the largest marketing investments any brand or independent hotel could make. Over the years improvements to off-the-shelf systems and new development of CRM systems have dramatically lowered the cost. Now, many of these systems are easy enough for on-property marketers to manage themselves with some training and regular use and so hotels make the purchase.

The challenge with robust resort CRM systems is they tend to fall to the side with irregular use, lapses in training and management attrition. At this point, the hotel still has a contract and associated expenses, but the benefit is no longer there. To ensure against waning system use and technological obsolescence, partner with Incite Response to select, operate and manage a CRM system. Doing so puts the on-site marketing executive with more time to drive the process with new ideas while being able to bypass the work of implementation.

Your CRM System Questions Answered

Hotel CRM System: Build Your Own or Buy?

Are your pockets deep? For most, it’s best to leave ground-up development of CRM systems to those hotel organizations with large budgets. It really should not be a consideration to build when there are literally thousands of systems out there ready to plug in and deliver results.

Which Hotel CRM Should I Buy?

Buy the system that does what you want it to today. Since you are investing so little in the up-front costs, you can afford to move on if or when it makes sense. That time will come only when it can’t do what you need it to do.

Therein lies our approach. We handle the vetting, training and system integration which frees you to tell us what you want it to do. Sometimes there are amazing capabilities that you may not even know about and we will share those with you to help develop your best practices.

Let’s get started.