is an unprecedented mobile connection to your guests while they are staying with you. It provides a real-time link between guest satisfaction surveys and key managers ensuring that no service issue is left unresolved. It is the easiest and fastest way to implement proactive hotel guest surveys.

There is no equipment or guest satisfaction surveys software to purchase or install. hotel guest satisfaction survey gives your guests the ability to communicate with you using their mobile phone, tablet or computer from anywhere.Mobile Guest Survey

Show You Care

Provide an easily accessible way for your guests to communicate what they are experiencing no matter where they are at your property. Survey your guests when and where they want.

Recover from Unhappy Experiences

Turn a bad experience into a good one and immediately impress your guests with your fast response to service issues. Surveying guests after departure is too late.

Improve Your Reputation

Happy guests leave great reviews. Addressing concerns prior to guest departure will increase the number of reviews and the quality of your review scores.

Recognize Excellent Employees

Happy guests want you to know when you have a great employee. You can easily track employee service events and honor those that make your property successful.

Low cost solution to bad reviews

For only a few hundred dollars a month you can get in front of unhappy guests before they get in front of their favorite travel review site. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.