We’re excited to feature your hotel or resort! First, please look at upcoming topics, then submit relevant content and/or a meetings offer or package here. Before you know it, you’ll be in front of thousands of meeting planners.

The topics due ASAP for October’s campaign are:

1. Themed meetings breed creativity & connections
2. Exclusive lock-in specials for 2023

Content submission deadline:
15th of every month for the next month’s newsletter

Next you’ll load up documents or images directly on our website if desired. Then, you’re done!
(*Be sure to check the content calendar.)

If you’d rather not submit the images in a form, please feel free to email them to [email protected].

Stuck? No problem! Here are some content ideas below to spark your imagination:

  • Lifestyle articles such as your head chef’s favorite recipe, details of a recent fundraising event your team participated in, a blog article you have on your website about the uniqueness of your area, etc.
  • Property news and announcements such as renovations or the addition of a new restaurant.
  • Meetings specials and packages, current and upcoming.
  • Original chef’s recipes.
  • Videos you have on your website you’d like to feature.
  • Unique team-building activities offered at your property or an in-depth look at one of them with photos.
  • Meet our DOSM, chef, housekeeper, etc. with an optional photo and quote on why they love their job.
  • Hot dates, hot rates with a focus on booking last-minute meetings or events.
  • Holiday meetings packages overview.
  • Promotional giveaways for meeting planners.